It’s that time of year again when you start pondering over why the “Cute Puppy Picture” you uploaded yesterday on Facebook isn’t grabbing much likes. Well, take a deep breath because you are not the only one facing this sad torture.  Here begins the Era of Survival of the Fittest, bringing in cut-throat-competition, where everyone critically analyzes the parallel universes possible after liking a post of the news feed and performs malicious acts such as spamming for publicity.

1.4The energy, the noise, the competition, the cheerfulness, the Dramapanti, the fight, the shouting, the beauty, the grace, the absurdity, the adrenaline, the ultimate fever, ranging from cultural extravaganza to technical wizardry- there aren’t enough words to completely describe the College Fest.

It’s a time when the student population gets sky rocketed and you bump into people you never saw before. Some of them might even claim to be your classmate. From this strange crowd any random person you choose, will fit in one of the following categories:-

  1. THE Organizers


These are the people who can never just sit back and relax. In few cases the irresistible temptation of free food and attendance is the culprit. While most of them probably got to hear in their freshman year that organizing an event will hone their “saaft skeels”.


They stay back after 5 pm, overload themselves on the weekends, push their limit by managing time like crazy. They are like the pre-professionals who experience what it’s like to be working in a democratic hierarchy and meeting deadlines.  They are not scared by the last moment major changes as they believe in the ideology- “Toofano mei nauka paar karaane kaa mazza hi kuch aur hai!”


Beep beep. Whatsapp. Trrrrrr. Call. Ping ping. Mail. For Voldemort it was his horcrux, for them it is the smartphone. Another excuse to convince yourself of the necessity to graduate from a sad dabba phone to a brand new smart phone.

NOTE: – Don’t ring the emergency help line if you see them staring at their laptop or a piece of paper continuously for hours in the same pose.


  1. The Non-Organizers


They are the one who exploit every opportunity. Getting free attendance and free food is not a Herculean task for them.  “Eror 404: Exam not found” reads their Whatsapp Status. They are mostly spotted doing some kind of “Backchodi”. “Abhi toh Party shuru hui hai” tops their playlist.


Don’t be dragged by the illusion that this crowd is “bholi bhaali” as some of them are very good critics dragging your audience away while few of them might be from across the border(the enemy society territory) trying to ruin your event.

  1. The Nerds

These One dimensional people are strongly committed in their relationship with textbooks. Whenever you ask them “Why are you studying now?  It’s a long semester we’ll get plenty of time.” They reply in a Sheldon Cooperish tone, “Study has been claimed to improve grades.”


Their whole life revolves around the binary number system theory. They assign the digit 0 to Organizing fests and digit 1 to the academics. There’s no point in adding 0s unless there is a one at the beginning and during their whole college life they are working on fixing the 1 in its proper place.

last free adviceFree Advice: – Which ever category you’re in, remember – It’s your fest, make sure you enjoy it!