Throughout the course of our lives, we spend our time chasing things and trying to get more and more. Just stop for a moment and think if you are the one born with a silver spoon in your mouth? “No, it isn’t me”. You might be thinking this if you are not the one in possession of the last week launched Smartphone OR if you really play it hard to convince your parents to gift you that breathtaking bike. Well, if that is the case then let me take you on a mind-boggling journey.


Imagine you were born in a slum area household, your parents were too poor and couldn’t even afford to fill up your empty stomach before you went to sleep. You lived in a colony full of garbage heaps, you wore torn clothes and barefooted ran across the stinky smelly street rag picking or wiping the table of a nearby dhaba. Of course going to school would have been a dream, which would seem too far-fetched. Scary, isn’t it? If thinking of such a situation could make you shudder and give you goose bumps, then how difficult would it be to withstand that harsh cruel reality thrown by the almighty?

If a slum dweller had a choice, he would have opted to be born in a rich family. Being or not being in their shoes was just a chance of fate. Don’t they deserve an equal chance to shine out in the sun, to go to sleep with a filled-stomach, to quench their thirst by clean drinking water, to live in a hygienic society, to learn new things by going to school, to play and read like us, to live their life to the fullest by exploring the world around them? Don’t they have a right to live? Wake up my friends because sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned room blaming the government isn’t going to help. Don’t you think it is “our duty” to help those innocent children in getting a chance to polish their latent talents?

What they need is not our money, but education and inspiration to stand on their own feet. We need to teach them to dream and provide them confidence and means to achieve it. All we need to do is spare some time from our daily schedule and help those who are not as privileged and fortunate, as we are to go to schools and colleges. We need to educate them and above all make them enlightened and aware enough to distinguish between good and bad so that not only they can choose the right path themselves and journey along it smoothly too.

This is the endgame. In the longest of the long runs, it is where we are all headed. And the great news is that once we truly understand this, we can sidestep all of the intermediate phases of needing to prove something to feel complete. It is there right now.

Beyond hatred. Beyond rudeness. Beyond cut throat competition. Beyond ego. Beyond fear. Beyond scarcity. There is love. There is humanity.