Disclaimer: The following article presents the key concepts that all hostelers come across while going through the roller coaster ride of hostel life.  Hence, any incidents or similarity of your hostel life with the content below is not purely coincidental.

1) Breaking news- Mess food causes obesity among DTUites –

Stacking up mess food till the end of the food pipe, as if we are to die tomorrow. Yes, you read it right, eating “mess food” like someone who has been hungry for days. Well, it does happen on blue moon days when we find the taste of mess food above the expected value and doubt their talent to meet the benchmark ever again. “Aaj toh achee se khaa leta hun…fir pata nahi kab milega dhang ka khaana!


2) The Ultimate Strategy to score good –

It’s the time to Disco- even at 2am on the D-day (Disco entry valid even on AP-103 end-sem). Being a DTU student, we all know how sincere desires we have to score good marks in our exams, and for which we leave no stones unturned, even if it means dancing in the hall at the midnight. Wondering why? Research suggests that shouting, jumping or dancing on the floor increases the heart rate, respiration rate and also releases some feel good hormones which keep all exam related negative depressing thoughts at bay, along with putting off your sleep, so that you can stay awake to study rest of the night. (At least that was the master plan you made in your mind)

3) The whole concept of ‘Money is essential for survival’  becomes meaningless –

You need a book, no need to purchase, ask the ghissu. You need a formal shirt, grab the rich brat’s one.  In need of a stapler, a pencil, an A4 sheet, a cello tape, hand wash, odomos, earrings, toothpaste, shampoo, mobile charger? Don’t even give a second thought to the idea of purchasing these items from your limited pocket-money; you can surely survive by borrowing them temporarily from your hostel friends. After all that’s what real friends are for. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, right?


4) Night mess triggers the desire to study –

Bas thodi der aur kuch page palat leti hun….night mess aati hi hogi”. C’mon, whom are we kidding? We all know the credit for scoring those extra 15 marks goes to none other than our much awaited night mess.

5) New ways discovered for time-pass by the researchers at DTU

Even the boring chores like killing a bee become interesting with an open challenge contest like- “Let’s see who kills it first”. On a more personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed the conspiracy done by my flat mates last sem to kill a notorious rat, who used to eat our mid-night food stock including our favorite snacks.


6) Ye classes kyun hoti hai bhai –

Who says the most difficult thing to do in your entire college life is to come from home by traveling in the crowded metro and then taking a Grameen Seva, only to attend that 1 hr important lecture. I say, it’s much more depressing to even imagine leaving the hostel bed, changing the pajamas, crossing the road in the scorch sun, just to attend that specific 1 hr lecture even after knowing that many of your day scholar friends are not coming for it.