OpenStack is an open source software for creating private and public clouds. Hundreds of the world’s largest brands rely on it to run their businesses every day, reducing costs and helping them move faster.

Recently the OpenStack Foundation ran a worldwide Bug Smash event (6th -8th March, 2016) in 11 cities, across 4 continents to help make the OpenStack Mitaka release, stable and bug-free.

My close friend who happened to be one of the fellow organizers, Ms. Geetika Batra, informed me about the event. Both of us flew to the venue (sponsor), Intel, Bangalore Campus with sheer enthusiasm. Here it was a 2 day event, organized with the key goal of collaborating with each other to fix as many bugs as possible.

Despite the official work days, people marked their presence at the event.  We had a friendly environment and had discussions and talks about OpenStack and Open source contribution. The participants composed of graduates, software professionals and open source enthusiasts.

Some time was spent setting up gerrit, ssh and Launchpad account and other prerequisites like devstack. Follow this page for setting them up yourself. Madhuri Kumari gave a great presentation on how to fix a bug by giving a live example by fixing It was a great talk and we all asked our doubts which led to a meaningful discussion.

I fixed the following bug during the Bug Smash-

When I began working on this bug, the first hurdle I came across was to find out where to start. Upon looking at the bug description I realized that it included a comment saying what docs are affected by the bug. As the saying goes, “Knowing is half the battle won”, it gave me some relief. My next task was to find the right repo from where the docs are built i.e. the source of those docs and then fix them. With the help of my mentor, Mr. Samuel de Medeiros Queiroz, other Keystone core-reviewers on #openstack-keystone channel and #openstack-doc channel, we figured out the source of the two docs. Upon diving deep into the docs, we found that both the links had already been fixed. So, I left a comment in the bug, mentioning the two docs, their sources and explaining how both the links had already been fixed. At last, I changed the bug status from Confirmed to Fix Committed.

Overall, it was a fun-filled learning experience and I am looking forward to contributing more in OpenStack and other open source organizations.