wallGiving my first technical talk at the event “Opportunities for Women and Beyondconducted by Women Techmakers’ group was exhilarating. After all the preparation and butterflies in my stomach, I wanted to reach out to more people by sharing it on my blog. But once I started jotting it down, my mind raced in all sorts of directions… so, I took it a step further.

For a moment picture yourself attending a technical conference or a general tech event. What do you see? Are you the person taking notes while listening to the Gentleman speaking on the trending topic? Or are you the one socializing and networking with other people? Or maybe you are gaining hands-on experience in a workshop? Or you are acting on the temptation of collecting the free goodies?  Well, most people would find themselves fitting in one of the above scenarios. It’s well said,

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen!”

Yet, very few explore the foreign terrain on the other side of the fence.


In today’s fast pace of life, while continuously striving to achieve more, we take our achievements for granted. Despite the fact that there might be hundreds of people looking out for the information you already know. Remember, you don’t need a given time frame of experience to be able to give talks. Especially in technology, there is always something new to learn so, we are always experts in one and beginners in another field. Even though you may feel you’re not where you want to see yourself few years down the line, the time will never be perfect. Thus, the earlier you start paying it forward, the better. Take out some time to feel proud of yourself and share your journey with others. You may start by giving a lightning talk on a topic you are most comfortable with. Also, preparing the talk and getting ready for Q/A session will force you to dive deeper into the topic. This way you get to learn, to teach and help others progress thus, becoming a better developer as well.

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But, you might say, “I am not comfortable in public speaking. It gives me goose bumps”. Well, I understand your point, but nothing worth doing is easy or without some fear. Practice will make things much better in the long run, if not perfect.

Go ahead my friend, pass on the kindness. After all, our most lasting and fulfilling achievements are often earned by helping others fulfill theirs. Treat others the way you would like to be treated because let’s not forget we were all beginners at some point.

“It is not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game ever starts.”

– Addison Walker