“Winter is coming” is the saying past by as we’ve officially entered the hard months. If you are not a stay-at-home person and are tired of cursing these months, guess what? Its time to pack your bags and head to the white land of Gujarat as the Rann Utsav (1st Nov to 20th Feb 2019) awaits you. I got some lifelong memories during my trip and following are 10 reasons why you should not miss it either:-

1. Best time to visit Gujarat

This is the best time to embark the long-planned journey to catch a glimpse of the state in its microcosm. The great Runn Mahaotsav is a favourite haunt of overseas tourists as there is so much to see and do that people find it hard to pick and choose from the plenty of options at hand.



2. The Unending Expanse of Moist Salt

It is reputed to be the largest salt desert in the world. The breathtaking landscape of the Great Rann of Kutch- The White Dessert, shimmering in the moonlight- will leave you enchanted. So, be ready for some goosebumps. Also, keep your camera ready, it’ll be time for some heavy clicking!

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3. The irresistible Gujarati Thali

The aroma of delicious Kutch food will surely drag you.



4. The dance, music, and drama

The impulsiveness with which people, wearing traditional Rajasthani attire, joyously break into folk songs and folk dances is the underlying beauty of this fest. So, unless you want your ears to get immune to anything but Honey Singh tracks, its high time that you lend your ears to the melodious instruments like Surando, Bhorr & Bhorrinbo, Khanjari and more!



5. The Patang Baazi



With great enthusiasts and competitors around to make you play real hard, this is the right place to raise your colorful patang up higher in the blue sky, over the expanse of the heavenly white dessert.



6. Jewellery, clothes, and handicrafts



Embroidery, Suf, Khaarek, Paako, Wooden Carving, Mud Painting, Sea Shell toys; all waiting for you around the corner. Need I say more?



7. Hospitality like none other

Gujarat is living upto the famous proverb “Atithi Devo Bhava”. There’s a reason why Gujarati community is well known for its hospitality.


8. Magical Tents to relax yourself

Grand Tent City of 400 tents, consisting of both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned tents has been set up which looks no less beautiful than the restroom of Alladin’s Gini. So, say no to worries of finding the correct place to stay and choose the package that best suits your needs.

Image result for rann festival tents

Image result for rann festival tents

9. Time for some Adventure

Camel ride, Bike ride, tandem bicycle, para motoring, valecro wall climbing, Hot air balloons will surely give you unbounded happiness along with tight night sleep.


10. Special Activities on special days

If all the above wasn’t enough, It’s time to give you even something more. The following days await your presence –

25th  – 31st Dec 2018 – Christmas Celebration

1st Jan 2019 – New Year Celebration

14th Jan 2019 – Kite festival

20th – 22nd Jan 2019 – Full Moon

26th January 2019 – Special arrangements for Republic day

14th February 2019 – Gala Dinner on White Rann for Valentine’s day

For further details and booking, do check out – http://www.rannutsav.com and https://www.rannutsavonline.com