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Rebooting: Passion vs. Greedy Algorithm

And there I was.  Back at the fork in the road, with the same, familiar deadening choice. How long will this cycle go on? I asked myself. I must choose a path. I told myself.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveller, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth

Wrote Robert Frost in his poem “The Road Not Taken” and summed up the dilemma that we all face in life every now and then: Whether to follow our innocent heart OR the witty brain?

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Course Review : Android Development for Beginners

I would like to review the course Android Development for Beginners | Udacity. It is built by Google and offered by Kunal Chawla, Katherine Kuan and Lyla Fujiwara. It is a 4 week course (6hrs per week/ work at your own pace) and is extremely informative.

I had completed the Free version which includes the Instructor videos, Learn by doing exercises and viewing project instructions. The paid enrolled version also includes Projects with reviews, Getting help from Coaches and a Verified Certificate.

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OpenStack Bug Smash in Bangalore

OpenStack is an open source software for creating private and public clouds. Hundreds of the world’s largest brands rely on it to run their businesses every day, reducing costs and helping them move faster.

Recently the OpenStack Foundation ran a worldwide Bug Smash event (6th -8th March, 2016) in 11 cities, across 4 continents to help make the OpenStack Mitaka release, stable and bug-free. Continue reading “OpenStack Bug Smash in Bangalore”

A peep into Hostel Life

Disclaimer: The following article presents the key concepts that all hostelers come across while going through the roller coaster ride of hostel life.  Hence, any incidents or similarity of your hostel life with the content below is not purely coincidental.

1) Breaking news- Mess food causes obesity among DTUites –

Stacking up mess food till the end of the food pipe, as if we are to die tomorrow. Yes, you read it right, eating “mess food” like someone who has been hungry for days. Well, it does happen on blue moon days when we find the taste of mess food above the expected value and doubt their talent to meet the benchmark ever again. “Aaj toh achee se khaa leta hun…fir pata nahi kab milega dhang ka khaana!


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Throughout the course of our lives, we spend our time chasing things and trying to get more and more. Just stop for a moment and think if you are the one born with a silver spoon in your mouth? “No, it isn’t me”. You might be thinking this if you are not the one in possession of the last week launched Smartphone OR if you really play it hard to convince your parents to gift you that breathtaking bike. Well, if that is the case then let me take you on a mind-boggling journey.


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COLLEGE FEST: A Fever with Adrenaline rush


It’s that time of year again when you start pondering over why the “Cute Puppy Picture” you uploaded yesterday on Facebook isn’t grabbing much likes. Well, take a deep breath because you are not the only one facing this sad torture.  Here begins the Era of Survival of the Fittest, bringing in cut-throat-competition, where everyone critically analyzes the parallel universes possible after liking a post of the news feed and performs malicious acts such as spamming for publicity.

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